Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat

The only thing missing from the hilarity of nasty spills has been a soundtrack. More cowbell, maybe? Try more keyboard. Thanks to dozens of YouTube clips featuring an ivory-tickling feline, treadmill slips and escalator tumbles are 600% more awesome.


Important curse-avoiding advice: When you visit COSI this summer, don't read aloud from any ancient texts called "The Book of the Dead." Yeah, we learned that one the hard way. "Lost Egypt" will be on view through Sept. 7.


Big surprise: Pixar's made one of the year's best films.

Deep-fried coffee cake at the Burgundy Room

We'd trade in a truckload of deep-fried Snickers for one plate of this moist, crispy dessert, served with Jeni's black coffee ice cream.

"Pushing Daisies"

The first of three new episodes airs May 30 on ABC. You'd better savor them because that's all we're gonna get.

Fever Tree Ginger Ale

Not too dry, too sweet or too gingery - just plenty tasty. It's available at Whole Foods and as a mixer at Details.

Crawl for Cancer

On Saturday, teams of drinkers will be crawling up and down Park Street to raise money for Eden's Hope and the Jimmy V Foundation. Beer for a good cause? That's our kind of charity.