The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Tony Castricone Scott Torgerson Mike Ricordati Ted Holbrook Kristin the Fan Girl What was the key to the Magic's victory over the Cavs? They were better than Cleveland at four of the five spots on the floor. Besides LeBron, the Cavs looked bad and Mike Brown was out-coached. Playing with attitude in the paint. The Cavs just couldn't defend down there. Shooting 3's and stopping everyone besides LeBron. Maybe a well-balanced breakfast? Does the playoff defeat affect LeBron James' future in Cleveland? Only 23 can answer that, and right now he won't. No. Where else will he go, New York? Good luck - they are awful. No. Can we please stop talking about this?! No. I don't think LeBron and his entourage are going to leave their hometown. Cleveland will want LeBron for as long as he'll stay. The question is, will he be persuaded by money to leave after his contract is up? Who's your pick in the NBA Finals? Lakers in six. I want the Magic 'cause I can't stand Kobe, but Lakers in six. Scratch that - I hate Kobe. Magic in six. Lakers in six. Lakers in six. They have better big men who can slow down Dwight Howard. Magic in six. How do you stay cool at summer festivals? Less beer, more water. I'm getting boring in my old age. Drink I don't go to them. I stay really cool in my air-conditioned home. (Sorry, Al Gore.) I go for the big lemonade cup with free refills and always wear sandals. The little spray bottles with attachable fans. Get it?