34. Putting empty ice-cube trays back in freezer

33. Your significant other spending the night so often they've basically moved in - without paying rent

32. Not putting DVDs back in the case, leaving them to get scratched on top of TV

31. Not cleaning, and not thanking me for doing your cleaning

30. Slamming doors

29. Borrowing clothes without asking

28. Leaving expired food in the fridge

27. Putting food scraps in the non-disposal side of the sink

26. Having phone sex within earshot of your other roommates

25. Having actual sex within earshot of anyone

24. Putting bare feet on the coffee table

23. Clogging the DVR with 40 episodes of The Bonnie Hunt Show

22. Buying a dog without consulting your roommates

21. Habitually leaving cabinet doors open

20. Playing trash-can Jenga instead of taking it out

19. Putting a song on repeat

18. B.O.

17. Eating my leftovers

16. Drinking my liquor

15. Leaving your hair on:

a. bathroom floor

b. shower curtain

c. sink

d. my soap

e. my pillow

14. Not closing your bedroom window when it's 50 degrees out

13. Loud walking

12. Putting empty Pop-Tart boxes back in the pantry

11. Not buying TP when it's your turn, and not warning me until it's too late

10. Not returning borrowed clothes

9. Leaving passive-aggressive "reminder" notes in the kitchen

8. Writing passive-aggressive pet peeve lists in the weekly newspaper

7. Thermostat wars

6. Not doing dishes - when you have a dishwasher

5. Erasing shows from the DVR before I've had a chance to watch them

4. Leaving dirty clothes in common areas

3. Not using headphones between 10 p.m. and 10 a.m.

2. Playing techno music at any time

1. Blaming mysterious damage to the apartment on poltergeists