MBA Degree in a Box

Business school in just 96 pages? Yeah, it's the perfect present for a college grad. And at $15, it's a bargain compared to advanced degrees that run upwards of $100,000.

Piece of Cake's Lemon Mousse Torte

A miniature flaky crust filled with whipped lemon mousse, topped with a dollop of cream and garnished with a tiny lemon candy - this miniature dessert is perfect for one or two people and always a great way to end (or start) a meal.

"Between Two Ferns"

Zach Galifianakis' mock talk show on Funny or Die turns awkwardness into deadpan comedy gold. Whether he's touching Michael Cera inappropriately or asking Jon Hamm if his middle name is HoneyBaked, you'll wish all celebrity interviews were like this.

A.A. Bondy

He'll finally release the follow-up to his Southern folk opus American Hearts later this year. But first, sad-eyed troubadour A.A. Bondy is in the midst of yet another national tour, including a stop at The Basement Monday, June 15.

Roosters Wings at Huntington Park

High atop the AEP Power Pavilion, Clippers fans can munch on delicious Roosters wings while watching the boys of summer on the diamond. And you thought summer couldn't get any better!


Look out - killer Canadians! They're on the loose in this edge-of-your-seat indie chiller, now available on pay-per-view through IFC In Theaters.

"The B.S. Report"

As he chats with intellectual luminaries (Malcolm Gladwell), sports legends (Jerry West) or just his pals JackO and Cousin Sal,'s "The Sports Guy" Bill Simmons translates everything charming about his pop-culture-obsessed columns into his increasingly frequent podcasts.