1. "Singles"

Cameron Crowe's twentysomething romantic comedy looks like it was carefully crafted to cash in on the grunge explosion, but the film was actually done a year before Nirvana ousted Michael Jackson from the top of the pop charts. The soundtrack album follows the classic mix-tape rule of starting strong ("Would?" may be the best hard-rock song of the '90s) and ending with a dreamy flourish (Smashing Pumpkins at their most shoegaze-y).

Track listing

1. "Would?" - Alice in Chains

2. "Breath" - Pearl Jam

3. "Seasons" - Chris Cornell

4. "Dyslexic Heart" - Paul Westerberg

5. "The Battle of Evermore" - Lovemongers (Heart)

6. "Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns" - Mother Love Bone

7. "Birth Ritual" - Soundgarden

8. "State of Love and Trust" - Pearl Jam

9. "Overblown" - Mudhoney

10. "Waiting for Somebody" - Paul Westerberg

11. "May This Be Love" - Jimi Hendrix

12. "Nearly Lost You" - Screaming Trees

13. "Drown" - The Smashing Pumpkins

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