7. "Times Square"

Writer-director Allan Moyle's 1990 rebel radio yell "Pump Up the Volume" hit a nerve with teens, but his 1980 tale of Trini Alvarado's runaway rich girl becoming a punk rocker, not so much. The two-disc soundtrack, on the other hand, has a devoted cult following for two good reasons: It brings together a who's who of punk and new wave superstars and it's never been released on CD.

Track listing

1. "Rock Hard" - Suzi Quatro

2. "Talk of the Town" - The Pretenders

3. "Same Old Scene" - Roxy Music

4. "Down in the Park" - Gary Numan

5. "Help Me" - Robin Gibb and Marcy Levy

6. "Life During Wartime" - Talking Heads

7. "Pretty Boys" - Joe Jackson

8. "Take This Town" - XTC

9. "I Wanna Be Sedated" - Ramones

10. "Damn Dog" - Robin Johnson

11. "Your Daughter is One" - Robin Johnson and Trini Alvarado

12. "Babylon's Burning" - The Ruts

13. "You Can't Hurry Love" - D.L. Byron

14. "Walk on the Wild Side" - Lou Reed

15. "The Night Was Not" - Desmond Child and Rouge

16. "Innocent, Not Guilty" - Garland Jeffreys

17. "Grinding Halt" - The Cure

18. "Pissing in the River" - Patti Smith Group

19. "Flowers of the City" - David Johansen and Robin Johnson

20. "Damn Dog (Reprise The Cleo Club)"- Robin Johnson

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