The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Milan Jordan Ted Holbrook Mike Ricordati Clair the Fan Girl Lydia the Fan Girl How should Rick Nash celebrate his long-term deal with the Jackets? Buying a state-of-the-art, gold-plated mustache trimmer for Jeff Rimer. He should buy cars for the Common Man & the Torg. He should buy me a new car. I've helped increase his celebrity over the years. It's only fair. He should buy Rimer some mustache wax. By shooting off a cannon in his backyard and shouting the Chili Chant. With World Series home-field advantage at stake, are you more likely to watch baseball's All-Star Game? No. It's a dumb rule. I watch the All-Star Game for its pageantry. When it's over, I forget who won. I'll watch the game, but the home-field advantage rule is stupid. No. I'd be watching it anyway. No more than I was before. I was never any kind of likely to watch it. Do you think Lance Armstrong will reclaim the yellow jersey in the Tour de France? He's been within striking distance from the start, so yes. Lance will win and celebrate with one of the Olsen twins. I guess. He annoys me. I think it is his to lose. Although Matthew McConaughey might distract him on the sidelines with his six-pack abs. Well, if he doesn't, at least he reclaimed his bike. What's your favorite outdoor activity in the summer? I love grilling. Then after the meal, enjoying some Serbian microbrew and a good cigar. Dominating the sand volleyball court. Eating things from the BBQ! Most of my favorite things involve stuffing my face. Playing sports with my friends. Any time I can spend outside is time well spent. Festivaling