The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Milan Jordan Ted Holbrook Mike Ricordati Tony Castricone Lindsay the Fan Girl After finally returning to L.A. and then picking a fight with fans, is there any hope David Beckham will live up to his promise as the savior of American soccer? That chance vanished when he was loaned to a European club. By the way, I've got whoever takes on Beckham in a fight. There will never be a savior of American soccer. Go home, Beckham. No chance. He's been nothing but a clown. And his wife needs a sandwich. No. Next question. His looks alone are saving American soccer. Should sports betting be legalized outside of Las Vegas? Sure. It might take away some of the allure of Vegas, but I doubt any casinos will come close to those in Vegas. It should be legal on the internet, and the government could make so much money by taxing it. Yes! It's too bad City Center won't be a mega-sports book. But at least we'll have lush grass Downtown If it's legal to crash the economy by giving $200,000 loans to someone who makes $7 an hour, then I should be able to put $50 on Cincinnati (-12) vs. Eastern Michigan. Yes! I'm sick of friends giving me money to place their bets on my Vegas trips. Can other college conferences keep up with the SEC, after their $3 billion deal with ESPN? Yes. It just means that the other BCS conferences will have to step up. No, the SEC promo machine is in full gear at ESPN. No. They rule the world right now. Nope. The rich get richer. I don't think so. Everyone kisses SEC butt. What two cuisines would you combine to create the ultimate fusion restaurant? Italian and Mexican. The ultimate spicy cuisine, in terms of flavor and hotness. Of course, I'm not that picky. Italian and Mexican. I want some lasagna tacos. Mexican and Thai. Slogan: "If you ain't sweatin', you ain't doing it right." I don't know, all I eat are burgers and pizza. I want a fast-food sushi bar, Subway-style. Pick what I want in my roll, wrap it up and go!