The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Lori Schmidt Scott Torgerson Mike Ricordati Tony Castricone Clair the Fan Girl What would you get Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez for a going-away present? You mean getting to leave the Indians isn't enough of a gift? Leaving the Indians is present enough. The Drew Carey Show on DVD. This way they can always remember Cleveland. Nothing. Not having to play for the Indians anymore is their present. Martinez needs his well-earned bobblehead, and Lee a ticket to a hitting clinic so he can have his own run support! Should Pete Rose be allowed back in baseball? Not if it means he is allowed to manage again. No No. It's a complete sentence. He doesn't need to be actively involved, but if he was famous for playing baseball, he should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. I am too much of a fan of Pete Rose to give an unbiased opinion. How are you going to count down the days
until the Buckeyes kick off on Sept. 5? Listening to 97.1 The Fan for Buckeye football updates, and making August a month-long tailgate. I'm sure the listeners will send me a bunch of e-mails. I'm already planning my party for the USC game week two! Like a death row inmate counts down the remaining days of his life. We at the Fan get a little busy ... According to my Buckeye Advent Calendar, the next phase of countdown is conditioning for tailgating. For this weekend's Columbus Wine Festival,
what's your favorite variety of wine? The whine of a Michigan football fan. Boone's Farm or Mad Dog 20/20. The Torg does not drink wine. "I live for merlot." -Cosmo Kramer The kind that comes in a box. Any wine I can cook with makes me happy.