Malt, or malted barley, is created by partially germinating barley and drying it. During germination, enzymes are released that produce sugars. Every beer starts with a certain amount of base malts; depending on the recipe, others are added to flavor, such as oat, caramel or wheat. Pictured is a pilsner malt.

Elevator ships in whole seeds of previously dried, malted barley. The seeds are milled, or partly cracked (not pulverized), on site to get the best extraction.

Once cracked, malt grains are added to a mash tun (an insulated brewing pot) with 180-degree water and agitated to release the sugars and proteins. This liquid concoction is called mash.

The mash is separated from soaked malt grains and pumped into the boil vat. The mash will be heated to a vigorous rolling boil for 90 minutes.