Elevator bottles its brews by hand, but the owners plan to get a bottling machine soon. They manually bottle six and a half cases in an hour.

Once a label is affixed, bottles are cleaned and purged of oxygen with carbon dioxide, flushed with beer and capped. The resulting foam will help preserve the beer's freshness. The same cleaning-and-purging process is used for kegs, only with much more beer.

Coming soon from Elevator

Barrel Aged Porter, available in late August, is back by popular demand. Wood aging gives this dark brew a rich, succulent flavor.

Horus Imperial Red Ale is a bold, full-bodied double red ale with intense hop bitterness, assertive caramel malt and deep amber color. It boasts 10 percent alcohol by volume, commemorating Elevator's 10th anniversary, and will premiere Sept. 11 at the Columbus Microbrew Festival.

Mocha Plum Stout, a new recipe Stevens is particularly excited about, will also be unveiled at the Microbrew Festival.