Molly Winters, lead singer and guitarist for Miss Molly, who recently released their self-titled debut disc, shares her favorite albums.

The Beatles, "Abbey Road"

I had a hard time picking my favorite Beatles record because I love so much of their music. The songwriting on this record is so powerful and emotionally connected to life. The band sounds particularly tight and the arrangements are beautiful. I did a Beatles tribute with my band last year, and by learning their tunes I started to change my writing style. I am forever addicted to the Beatles!

Ella Fitzgerald, "The Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Books"

I love Ella for her style, her vocal technique and her ability to make a song feel right. She is a hero of mine, and I got hooked on her while studying jazz at Capital University. Every night after a long day of class, recitals, rehearsals, work and homework, I would fall asleep to the cooing sounds of Ella.

Beth Orton, "The Other Side of Daybreak"

I love her "folktronica" sound, a mix of folk and electronica, and her steady guitar playing. Her style is strong and moving, and her lyrics are very powerful. My brother gave me her record and, after going to see her play, I realized I had what it takes to be a songwriter like her.

Pearl Jam, "Ten"

Probably one of the first CDs I bought from a CD club in middle school. I really dove into rock and loved the powerful, belty voice of Eddie Vedder mixed with a style of writing that allowed for a song to be remembered. Pearl Jam influenced my love for alternative rock. I began to learn "Nothingman" and dive into all their great bootleg albums.

The Bird and the Bee, "Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future"

My bass player turned me on to this pop music that makes you feel good - and run hard! It sounds like audible sunshine. I never get bored of a long run and some Bird and the Bee. Listening to this type of music allows me to free my mind and think differently about song structure. I've been more tuned in to the indie-rock scene because of bands like this.

Molly Winters is lead singer and guitarist for Miss Molly, who recently released their self-titled debut disc.