If there's one thing Columbus' retail pet scene can tell us, it's that there's a dog version of everything humans have.

If there's one thing Columbus' retail pet scene can tell us, it's that there's a dog version of everything humans have.

Hats? Check. Bling? Check. Buckeyes? Check.

Yes, you can find all these things and more in Columbus' pet boutiques. But beyond those specialty items, shop owners are searching out the healthiest foods and best toys for keeping dogs, cats and other animals active and healthy.

Here's an overview of the options, with an eye on the best - and most bark-worthy - finds.

Lots to Wag About

405 E. Mound St., Downtown


Web: lotstowagabout.com

Owner Marcie Radell, who's also a vet technician, opened the store a year ago and is happy to tell you everything about the carefully edited selection of cat and dog supplies she offers.

There's natural and organic foods, interactive toys good for chewers, grooming supplies like shampoo and toothpaste, and lots of catnip treats and bouncy toys designed to entertain kitties.

Apparel includes little sweaters and T-shirts that say "Someone in Columbus, Ohio, loves me," made for the store.

Big draw: Food and toys for cats and dogs

Worth barking about: Natural treats, cute toys, some health supplies

Moochie & Co.

The Mall at Tuttle Crossing & Easton Town Center

Web: moochieandco.com

Cute's the word at this pet boutique, based in Worthington and found in malls across Ohio and in Indiana. Clothes, collars and other cat and dog accessories are the specialty, and custom-order, super-comfy pet beds that come in fabrics to color-coordinate with a home are big sellers.

Canine twists on human snacks, like Bowser Beer, pepperoni puppy pizza and beef-flavored microwaveable popcorn packets are irresistible.

Big draw: Cutesy clothing, comfy bedding

Worth barking about: Splurge-worthy snacks, pretty collars

Mutts & Co.

7549 Sawmill Rd., Dublin


Web: muttsandco.com

Making bathtime enjoyable and easy is the focus at Mutts & Co. Self-serve dog-washing stations and all the necessary equipment fill the back half of the shop, which also offers professional grooming and doggie spa services like hot oil treatments and massaging baths.

And if your furry friend needs a reward after his bathtime experience, Mutts & Co. has you covered. The store's retail offerings have expanded to include multiple varieties of food, grooming supplies, toys and treats.

Big draw: Self-serve dog washing, all-natural foods

Worth barking about: Interactive and indestructible toys, rubber collars

Pet People

Eight Columbus locations

Web: petpeople.com

Pet People is a locally owned chain that's proud of its mom-and-pop approach to growth as well as a commitment to the community.

For the most part, each location carries lots of natural and holistic foods, tons of toys and treats, and educated staff members ready to answer questions and offer advice.

The stores recently started carrying green supplies like biodegradable poo bags and organic pet washes. Pet People also stocks basic supplies for birds, fish and pocket pets.

Big draw: Supplies for all pets, big selection of natural foods

Worth barking about: Cat jungle-gyms, outdoor supplies, cleaning supplies

Posh Pets

743 N. High St., Short North


Web: poshpetsboutique.com

The Short North shop's name screams "spoil your pet!" and it delivers on every note. The selection includes laid-back polo shirts and fancy dresses for Fido, rhinestone-covered collars, padded pet carriers that double as purses and, yes, pet nail polish.

The fun continues with all sorts of treats, birthday party supplies (like sparkly hats) and toys. The focus is on cats and dogs, and kittens won't be disappointed - owner Jo Johnson's got collars and catnip galore for them, too.

Big draw: Cute clothes and accessories

Worth barking about: OSU gear, trendy pet carriers


195 Thurman Ave., German Village


Web: dogworkscats2.com

Owner Sue Meigs offers the healthiest, most holistic treats, toys and bath supplies she can find - and tries her best to make sure they're things you can't find anywhere else.

Fishing-themed cat toys and dehydrated food mixes for dogs are among the "fun, but not fluffy" selection of practical products.

DogWorks started as an outdoor accessories store, and gradually transitioned into its current incarnation, which includes some holdovers - refrigerated refreshments for humans, several shelves of wine and some pet-themed gifts.

Big draw: Holistic foods, tons of toys

Worth barking about: Dog toys with refillable squeakers, pet-themed cards

Three Dog Bakery

611 N. High St., Short North


Web: threedogcolumbus.com

This place is all about indulgence: decadent treats made on-site (now including Buckeyes!).

But the Short North puppy-bakery franchise has expanded its retail offerings to include things that are more rough-and-tumble than their pretty "pupcakes" - indestructible toys, outdoor supplies like food travel bags and foldable water bowls, and leashes equipped with a special stretchable section.

Custom-embroidered bandanas, a recent addition from local vendor Bones By Jones, attach to a dog's or cat's collar rather than tying around the neck.

Big draw: Picture-perfect pet treats

Worth barking about: Custom bandanas, outdoor adventure supplies for dogs

Village Pet Supply

740 S. High St., Brewery District


Village Pet Supply is a family affair: co-owner Jeff Lowe makes homemade dog biscuits and frozen "pupsicle" treats while Greg Gamier constructs custom-order dog jackets. Lowe's brother sells homemade birdhouses through the store.

The shop recently relocated to a High Street storefront, but their inventory hasn't changed: supplies for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets and fish, as well as a section of holistic pet foods. Unusual toys and treats include battery-powered squeaking mice for cats and spill-proof bowls for dogs.

Big draw: Selection of supplies for all pets

Worth barking about: Interactive toys, custom-made doggie jackets