The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Milan Jordan Mike Ricordati Scott Torgerson Tony Castricone Clair the Fan Girl Who's your pick for the OSU-Navy game? Ohio State, 31-14. The Buckeyes will pull away in the second half. Buckeyes, 35-10 Ohio State, 24-9 Ohio State,
23-6 Ohio State, 27-6. Coach Tressel won't run up the score. What's your prediction for the Buckeyes' record this year? 11-2 Undefeated, baby! Undefeated, and I'll continue to predict that every year until Terrelle Pryor graduates. 11 wins, 2 couch-burning losses 11-2. I'd like to give a better prediction, but I think USC and Penn State will trip them up. Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson? Brady Quinn. He's better under pressure and makes better decisions and smarter throws than Derek Anderson. Brady Quinn Brady Quinn Brady Quinn. Derek Anderson is a Pro-Bowler, a nice playmaker, but not a proven winner. Time to see if Brady is. Brady Quinn is tougher. Anyone who has to QB for Cleveland needs to know how to take a sack. What's the secret to a successful tailgate party? Everything is better covered in BBQ sauce and washed down with a cold beer. Gotta have some quality grub. Gourmet burgers, brats, chili I'm starting to feel something down low. Duh beer Bruce Hooley, Dee Miller and Fan Girls from 9 to 11 on 97.1 the Fan. I'm a company guy. Beer!