The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Tony Castricone Mike Ricordati Lori Schmidt Scott Torgerson Kristin the Fan Girl What's your prediction for the Toledo-Ohio State game? Ohio State, 31-7. I think the OSU defense showed a lot against USC. Ohio State, 38-17. Toledo can score some points, but they can't stop anyone. Ohio State, 31-14. The Buckeye offense will be hungry to prove itself after a week of criticism. Ohio State, 30-24. I would say OSU blows them out, but that will never happen with Tressel. Ohio State, 28-7. But it's in Cleveland Browns Stadium ... Is it possible for both Ohio teams to lose? What was the biggest surprise at the USC game on Saturday? Vince Vaughn wearing Buckeyes gear. I thought all movie stars were USC fans. I was surprised the Bucks held USC to just 313 total yards and still lost. The fact that OSU's defense cracked in the fourth quarter. Oh, and that Will Ferrell is taller in person. That Matt Barkley can play an entire game and not mess up his hair. I hate that pretty boy. No riots afterward. Way to keep it classy, Columbus! Who is going to have the worse year: Browns or Bengals? Definitely the Browns. I don't think the Bengals will be bad at all. Browns. Bad. The Browns. The Bengals should at least stumble into a few wins. Both Yes. What was the first poster you hung on your dorm-room wall? Dave Matthews rockin' the Les Paul. Token, I know ... but at least it wasn't the John Belushi "college" shirt. I didn't have a dorm room wall. I didn't have a dorm room. Elvis Presley - a picture of The King from 1956. Never stayed in a dorm. Shhh ... It was Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer. Don't tell anyone!