The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Tony Castricone Mike Ricordati Lori Schmidt Scott Torgerson Kristin the Fan Girl What's your prediction for the Ohio State-Indiana game? Ohio State, 27-9. The Bucks' defense is a lot better than Michigan's. Ohio State, 34-0. Let's go for shutout number three! Ohio State, 28-10. The offense is finding its identity and OSU's D has been dominant all year. Ohio State, 33-13. It's easy: OSU good, Indiana bad. Ohio State, 27-0. Coach needs to try at least two field goals. Can we continue the shutout streak? Is it too soon to fire Eric Mangini? Yes. Then again, no. Yes. He's only coached three games. Yes. He should have to stay and suffer with the rest of the team. No. The players have not bought in and he has lost this team. Admit the mistake and move on. Name Rob Ryan interim coach Yes. No coach should be fired after three weeks. But if the Browns go 0-9 ... How can the Blue Jackets maintain the fan excitement
of last season's playoffs? By leading the division heading into November. Winning does great things for your bottom line. Just win, baby. By staying healthy and playing Nikita Filatov on the top two lines. Mason in goal. Molson in hand. Who's your favorite "SNL" cast member of all time? Note to self: Norm MacDonald Phil Hartman. He was taken too soon. Jane Curtin. She's everyone's favorite, isn't she? Dana Carvey. His skits were always the funniest. "Well, isn't that special?" Chris Farley. May he live forever - in a van down by the river!