The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Tony Castricone Mike Ricordati Milan Jordan Scott Torgerson Kristin the Fan Girl What's your prediction for the score of the Wisconsin-Ohio State game? Ohio State, 17-13. Wisconsin's gotta lose sometime. Ohio State, 31-10. The Badgers are overrated. Bucks should be able to get pressure on Tolzien for the entire game. Ohio State, 24-6. Wisconsin is a good running team, but that plays right into the Buckeyes' defensive strength. Ohio State, 34-21. Wisconsin is good but OSU just a little better Ohio State, 31-28. Some fourth-quarter defensive heroics will vault us to first in the Big Ten! Should longtime Browns fans remain loyal to the team,
or is it OK to ditch them? Ditch them, please, so we don't have to keep getting them as the local game on 10TV. If you were born into it, you need to stay. It's in your blood. I am a lifetime Browns fan. As tempting as it is to ditch 'em, I just can't do it. But they are bad. Cheer for them to lose. That way you get a great draft pick and a new coach. Always remain loyal, no matter what. But you're allowed to cheer for another team, too. How about the Colts? What would you get Eric Wedge as a going-away present? Nothing. He should give me a gift: Grow back the porn-star moustache. I miss it. A dartboard with Mark Shapiro's face on it. After all, Shapiro used a dartboard to pick the Indians roster, didn't he? Isn't getting away from that product present enough? That awesome Tom Selleck mustache he had a few years ago. Pure awesomeness! What's your favorite fall activity? Lots of colors hiking through Hocking Hills, then re-visiting Athens! Walking around outside without sweating. And I like how people wear more clothes less B.O. Sitting on my couch or at my favorite watering hole watching football. Sitting on my couch drinking a beer and watching football! Besides Buckeye football and the start of Blue Jackets hockey? Bonfires with friends!