The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Tony Castricone Mike Ricordati Ted Holbrook Scott Torgerson Megan the Fan Girl What's your prediction for the Ohio State-Purdue game? Ohio State, 28-0. Time to pitch another shutout. Purdue never scores a lot of points on the Bucks. Purdue stinks. Bucks roll, 35-6. Ohio State, 34-17. Purdue is so bad that OSU's offense will score more than one TD this week. Ohio State, 31-6. Ohio State good, Purdue not so good Ohio State, 35-20. It'll be close only because Purdue has the home-field advantage, but the Bucks will bring it. After passing each other in the polls, should Ohio State and Cincinnati
play to settle which team is the best in the state? Sure, have 'em play every year. But don't kid yourself ... UC will win once in a while. Yes! Let's kick New Mexico State off the schedule and add the Bearcats. No, I think we all know OSU would win that game. There's always the bowl game, and they do play in a few years. Nah. I think even Cincinnati would agree that THE Ohio State Buckeyes are the best, without a doubt. What's your favorite bar snack? Nachos with lots and lots of cheese Do wings qualify? I'm making it so. The hotter the better. Popcorn is the best. Chicken wings Wasabi almonds What's the best way to add more sports bar atmosphere to your home? Have the Fan Girls randomly show up and start handing out free stuff. I hire some fat guy to throw up on my shoes every couple hours. I need HD TV's on every wall in the house and in the bathroom. Invite Paul Keels over. Size does matter: Get the biggest hi-def TV, a beer tap, some pics of the Fan Girls and you are all set.