The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Milan Jordan Mike Ricordati Ted Holbrook Lori Schmidt Kristen the Fan Girl What's your prediction for the Ohio State-Minnesota game? After last week's performance, the Buckeyes pull off the upset and beat the 4-3 Gophers, 24-21. Maybe I'm still gun-shy from last week, but this one could be close. Bucks win, 27-21. Ohio State, 27-17. OSU's defense scores again to lift the Buckeyes to victory. Ohio State, 24-14. The Buckeyes know better than to overlook an opponent again. Ohio State, 3-0. We will win, but .... What was the biggest surprise during OSU's meltdown against Purdue? You knew the offense was playing on a tightrope all year, but the fact they looked that bad against a 1-5 team is surprising. Everything. Purdue is a bad football team. We are witnessing the worst O-line in the history of OSU. Purdue being able to move the ball against the OSU defense. I was surprised that the Buckeyes did such a poor job handling adversity. That we lost! The turnovers and non-risky play-calling were not a surprise. If you could ride a homemade helium balloon anywhere in the country,
where would you go? Vegas, baby! I would take a trip out to Colorado and put the cuffs on Falcon's parents. Dallas, so I could see their huge new football stadium. Can you go anywhere but Washington, D.C., when you're powered by hot air? Fort Collins, Colorado, to lay the smack down on that family! What's your favorite burger topping? Stadium Mustard. Goes great on brats and hot dogs too. A fried egg. It don't get no better. Fried egg Bacon. Then again, that's my favorite topping for everything. Velveeta Shells and Cheese. So messy but sooo yummy.