The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Scott Torgerson Mike Ricordati Ted Holbrook Tony Castricone Kristin the Fan Girl What's your prediction for the Ohio State-Penn State game? Penn State, 16-10. You've watched the games - you know why. Penn State, 24-20 Ohio State, 20-17. Pryor will make enough plays and OSU's defense will remain stout. Penn State, 13-7. No Aaron Pettrey is gonna hurt the Buckeyes. Ohio State, 21-19 Is Ohio State wasting its time (and risking injury)
blowing out teams like New Mexico State? Yes. Nothing good comes from that type of opponent at that point in the season. Yes. If you're gonna interrupt the Big Ten schedule with a non-conference opponent, give me somebody better than New Mexico State. These games are a waste of time, but every college has them and both schools benefit financially. Yes Yes, although a big win makes everyone feel better. Thank God they took out TP in the second half. Now that he has a book, his own iPhone app and Twitter network,
what medium should Chad Ochocinco conquer next? Space flight Coming in 2010, "The Ochocinco Call-In Show" on 97.1 The Fan. He should start the 24-hour Ochocinco TV network. All Ochocinco all the time. Gee, I dunno fatherhood of his four kids might not be a bad place to start. "Columbus Alive." Duh! What's the best song to get the Crew pumped up for the MLS playoffs? Something from AC/ DC's "Back in Black." Huey Lewis and The News, "The Power of Love" "Enter Sandman" always works for me. A MIDI file from the classic 8-bit Nintendo game "Soccer." Miley Cyrus, "Party In The USA"