The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Scott Torgerson Mike Ricordati Milan Jordan Tony Castricone Lindsay the Fan Girl What's your prediction for the Ohio State-Iowa game? Ohio State, 27-3. Iowa is bad. Ohio State, 31-10. Iowa was exposed as a fraud last week. Ohio State, 38-14. The Buckeyes will continue their momentum from last week's win and smell the roses Ohio State, 3-2. Devin Barclay, the hero of ol' Columbus town. Ohio State, 27-0. Iowa's wins have all been last-second - they're not that good. Are the Bengals good enough to contend for the AFC title? Yes. The Steelers, Patriots, Colts and Bengals are all in the conversation. If they keep playing this way, no question about it. If you can run the ball and play defense, you can compete with anyone. The Colts and Patriots are the class of the AFC, but anything can happen in the playoffs. Umm aren't they doing that right now? No. Ochocinco sending gifts to the other teams is going to backfire, though it is pretty hilarious. Should the Blue Jackets get public help with their Nationwide Arena lease? Not if it's taxes. No. No. No. Only if the public can help get me out of some bad deals that I've made. Don't think so, but I'd sure hate to see a full casino across the street from an empty arena. I only go to the games for the fights. What band or musician would you like to have a drink with? U2, so I can get my money back. I hate bands who preach during concerts. Shut up and play! Any one of the American Idol guys. The girls that listen to them have to be hottt. Snoop Dogg, fo' shizzle! Dave Matthews. That guy has to be one of the best storytellers I've ever seen. Weird, but awesome. George Strait