The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Scott Torgerson Mike Ricordati Tony Castricone Ted Holbrook Megan the Fan Girl What do you expect from the OSU men's basketball team this season? Make the Sweet 16 I don't expect much. They're weak in the paint and questionable with scoring outside of Evan Turner. NIT. This is a legit team. I say Elite Eight is possible, depending on matchups. Big teams will cause OSU problems. Finish in the top three of the Big Ten and make it to the Sweet 16. Make it to the NCAA tourney - but don't lose to Siena in the first round. What do you expect from the OSU women's basketball team this season? See last response. Ummm good things? Final Four. They've got all the pieces in place. Win the Big Ten and make the Final Four. Keep the awesome No.-3 ranking they have now and make a run for the Final Four! Should there be more or fewer football games on Thanksgiving Day? I like three games. I think three NFL games are enough. Although, I'm never one to complain about more football. Fewer. And we shouldn't choose them based on who's always played. Give us a good game! All I need is the Cowboys, but I also enjoy watching the Lions get blasted. More! Or at least get the Lions off the field! What's your favorite thing to stuff in a turkey? Stuffing Jay Cutler Ummm stuffing? I'm not a stuffing guy. Just give me the turkey and some potatoes. Apple Cranberry Pecan stuffing! Mmmm.