The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Scott Torgerson Mike Ricordati Milan Jordan Ted Holbrook Lori Schmidt Would you rather see the Buckeyes play Oregon
or Oregon State in the Rose Bowl? It doesn't matter. The Torg guarantees a win! Oregon State. I think the Bucks can beat either team, but the Beavers scare me a tad less. A win over Oregon would help the Buckeyes' national image more. Plus, you wouldn't have to hear six weeks of the "OSU vs. OSU" storyline. Beating Oregon would be a much better win nationally. Oregon State, so when I say OSU will win the Rose Bowl, I will have a 100% chance of being right. Coming off a five-game losing skid, should the Blue Jackets be worried? Yes. Defense and goaltending have not been good. Yes. The West is full of good teams. One skid could put them behind the pack for good. As long they don't make a habit of losing five in a row, they should be OK. Yes, they need to play better defensively and find the Steve Mason from last season. The Jackets should be worried that their defense is giving more gifts than Santa. Is Shaq proving to be the missing piece for the Cavs? No, he's been hurt too much to tell. He's been hurt. The jury is still out. Yes, but it won't show until the playoffs. They need him in May and June, not November and December. He's Shaq-tastic! We won't know the answer until the playoffs, but Shaq is the man. Yes. He makes the Cavs a more difficult matchup for teams like Orlando. What board game do you always win? Risk. I am unstoppable. I don't play board games. My ADD doesn't tolerate it. Trivial Pursuit. Seriously. I'm smart. I'm really good at Trivial Pursuit. I have a lot of useless knowledge. Get out the Trivial Pursuit, and watch me roll!