The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Tony Castricone Mike Ricordati Milan Jordan Ted Holbrook Megan the Fan Girl Are Alabama and Texas the two best teams to play for the BCS title? They are two worthy teams, but there's no way of knowing if they're the two best. They seem to be. But without a true playoff system, it's impossible to say for sure. That would be a lot easier to answer with a playoff. Playoffs - what a concept. Yes, they've proved it over the entire season by winning in good conferences. Yes, contrary to what all the bandwagon Cincy fans believe. Who's your pick to win the Heisman Trophy? I'd like to see a boy named Suh win it, but I think it'll be Mark Ingram or Colt McCoy. Bryant Browning Toby Gerhart and Ndamukong Suh have been the most consistent. But since the Heisman is a popularity contest, Colt McCoy will probably win it. The best player in college football: Ndamukong Suh. Anyone but Tim Tearbow. Only Archie deserves two Heismans! What would you get as a going-away present for Charlie Weis? Ear plugs, so he doesn't have to listen to the ruthless fat jokes anymore. A one-way ticket to a remote island. A copy of "Head Coaching for Dummies, Even Though You Think You're a Genius" A one-year membership in the Jelly of the Month Club. Hmmm ... A Wii Fit perhaps. What's most likely to be in your stocking for Christmas? Several packs of Elixir guitar strings would be nice. Coal wouldn't surprise me. I always get candy in my stocking. Apparently I'm still 9 years old. Cheez Whiz Lottery tickets An abundance of truffles.