5. "Modern Family"

It's the fast-paced wackiness of Arrested Development plus the feel-good, learn-a-lesson factor of Full House - in lesser hands, that could be a disaster, but with this outstanding ensemble cast, it's the best new show of the season.

4. "Breaking Bad"

Who knew AMC's second original series would measure up to Mad Men's lofty standard? As the tension continues to rise, Bryan Cranston's performance just keeps getting rawer, which is saying something considering the pilot found him stumbling around the desert in tighty-whiteys.

3. "Parks & Recreation"

In the comeback story of the year, Amy Poehler's pitch-perfect take on small-town government quietly became the funniest show on television - once the writers stopped trying to channel The Office.

2. "Lost"

If you could stomach the time travel, the storytelling still thrilled as TV's most obsession-friendly show continued its deft balance between character-driven drama and sci-fi geekery. And in a show known for its incredible cliffhangers - "We have to go back!" - Juliet's Jughead detonation may be most enticing mystery yet.

1. "Mad Men"

Lawnmower carnage! Shocking firings! Trips to Rome! Divorce! And a finale that was one of the best hours of television, ever. The third season of AMC's meticulous period piece was a work of art - heartbreaking, thought-provoking, darkly funny and, of course, gorgeous. This is the show that has us glued to the couch every Sunday, gossiping every Monday morning and going through withdrawal during the offseason.