5. "Year One"

Between the 1981 disaster Caveman, the strained humor of the Geico campaign, this year's big-screen flop Land of the Lost, and Harold Ramis' awful combination of Jack Black, Michael Cera and prehistoric living, here's hoping Hollywood finally gets the message: Cavemen aren't funny.

4. "The Fourth Kind"

Pull back that false veneer of factual basis and you've got one lame-ass alien abduction drama.

3. "The Ugly Truth"

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, this romantic comedy makes you wish costars Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler had stayed on their home planets.

2. "New In Town"

The makers of Did You Hear About the Morgans? should thank the makers of this Renee Zellweger vehicle from January for setting this year's bar for fish-out-of-water romantic comedies so very, very low.

1. "All About Steve"

Sandra Bullock's wacky crossword puzzle constructor stalks Bradley Cooper's news photographer in something that looks sort of like a romantic comedy and kind of like an inspirational tale of a square peg finally fitting in, but is actually an utter, jaw-dropping mess.