"I'm notorious for dresses. I don't own a pair of jeans. So I have a lot of tights and stockings."

Job: Full-time Wright State student; part-time Skyline employee

Neighborhood: Polaris

Hometown: Westerville

Age: 18

Label your style: "Bold"

What influences your clothing choices?

I really like designers. I'm obsessed with Betsey Johnson; I buy her stuff whenever I go to a big city. I shop a lot at Urban Outfitters and, recently, Forever 21 has gotten the cutest stuff.

What do you like to wear?

I'm notorious for dresses. I don't own a pair of jeans. So I have a lot of tights and stockings.

What are some of your favorite pieces?

I alter stuff sometimes. I have this white dress from Forever 21, and I completely tie-dyed the whole thing. And I always have crazy-colored tights. I have blue tights with a stripe that looks like peacock feathers up the back of the leg.

Are you into accessories?

I spend enough time on my makeup and my hair that I just can't do the whole jewelry thing. I have jewelry, I just like to put it on display and look at it.

Do you have any favorite products?

I'm a makeup freak; I'm always at Sephora. I love Bare Minerals and Urban Decay.

Where do you like to look, but not buy?

I love Flower Child, but I'm so paranoid about thrift clothes - like, what if someone was killed in that clothing? It sucks, because I see all this cute stuff at Flower Child.

What impression do you want your look to give people?

Feminine. That's the whole persona, with the dresses and the tights and all that.

The outfit:

Jacket: from a store in Dayton

Dress: Betsey Johnson

Tights: Target

Boots: Urban Outfitters

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