30 "Coupling UK"

One of TV's greatest mysteries is how NBC managed to so badly botch the American version of this superb British import. You've got six attractive friends who go on dates, constantly talk and/or think about sex, and embody the ripe-for-humor differences between how men and women view relationships. BBC's take was charming, insightful and hilarious, while NBC's was a total flop. They even used the same scripts, word-for-word! Maybe the British accents were the secret ingredient.

29 "Ugly Betty"

Ugly girl somehow lands a job at a fashion magazine - this American version of a popular Colombian show could've been one-note, but a strong cast elevated it beyond that. From the sweet friendship between Betty and her boss Daniel to the struggles of her illegal immigrant father to the exploits of the fabulously evil Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) and her assistant Marc, it's one of the most quietly compelling shows on right now.

28 "Saturday Night Live"

Bring it, haters! Yes, I've watched the '70s-era "golden years" of Lorne Michaels' groundbreaking sketch show (on VHS), the late '80s resurgence with Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman and Mike Myers (live) and witnessed Will Ferrell mania in the '90s. And I still believe that this decade's been a great one. Just think, it introduced us to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Andy Samberg's awesome digital shorts, and the funny side of Justin Timberlake.

27 "Extras"

The actors and actresses who parodied themselves on Ricky Gervais' "Office" follow-up, about extras working on film sets, were what made the show. I can't decide which is my favorite - Kate Winslet giving phone-sex advice, David Bowie mocking Gervais in song, or the shameless Chris Martin, who can't stop talking up his Coldplay album.

26 "Chappelle's Show"

Before Dave Chappelle fell off the face of the earth, he gave us this gem, a sketch show not afraid to tackle racial comedy. His best bits - "The Mad Real World," evil Wayne Brady and "I'm Rick James, bitch!"

25 "My Name is Earl"

The NBC comedy could never recapture the magic of its first season, but just think of the memorable characters it gave us - Jason Lee's karma-obsessed and mustachioed Earl, Ethan Suplee's sweetly naive Randy, Jaime Pressly's fantastically trashy Joy, and Eddie Steeples' agreeable pothead Crabman.

24 "24"

The central conceit of this spy show -every real-time episode depicts one hour in the life of federal agent Jack Bauer - is what sets it apart from the competition, but the crazy plot twists certainly don't hurt.

23 "Top Chef"

Of all the shows spawned by "Project Runway," this one's by far the best. In fact, where "Runway" is losing its luster a little in its later seasons, "Top Chef" just keeps getting better, with tougher challenges and competitors who are already rising stars on the culinary scene.

22 "Grey's Anatomy"

My very guiltiest pleasure. The nicknames, the montages set to innocuous indie rock, the incessant whining, the offscreen drama - I know! But I just can't stay away from the soapiest of the medical dramas.

21 "Undeclared"

Judd Apatow's second failed attempt at television, this one was a spot-on look at college dorm-hood. You know, the drinking, the sleeping around, the joyous freedom of being away from your folks (or your high-school boyfriend), the crazy ways you filled your time before you had any actual responsibilities and, again, the drinking.