We asked record store owners, label heads and other local music figures to commemorate their favorite Columbus releases of the decade.

We asked record store owners, label heads and other local music figures to commemorate their favorite Columbus releases of the decade.

-Chris DeVille

84 Nash, "A Secret Reward"

I didn't even have to think about it - this is a party from start to finish. The songs are composed to be interesting on record and still translate perfectly to the live setting. It's slightly sloppy and raw, like a good show, but with enough other melodies and textures to make it a truly special listen. I heard rumors of an 84 Nash "opus." Dudes, let's hear it. If it's anything like this collection of songs, then it's gold. -Sean Gardner, We Want Action

RJD2, "Deadringer"

With Deadringer, RJD2 summarizes everything that the Columbus hip-hop scene was about at the time, yet he goes so far beyond what that scene could ever be by using his knowledge of records and sampling to create something brand-new. Deadringer turned RJD2 into an international star in every sense (critical acclaim, touring, sales, licensing), and even made him a huge draw in a hometown that was slow to respond to him before. It's something I haven't really seen done to that level since. -Blueprint, Weightless Recordings

Two Cow Garage, "Speaking In Cursive"

If Two Cow Garage still can be considered local, then Speaking in Cursive makes it to the top of my list.These guys busted their humps across the country throughout this decade, and they put out another great American rock record last year. Now they enjoy a world audience, and they keep getting better. These sons of Columbus should make us all proud. -Steve McGann, Peloton Records

The Lindsay, "Dragged Out"

This decade has been great for Columbus. CDR, DoneWaiting and my store all began in this decade, and Columbus folks have put out tons of great albums: Times New Viking, RJD2, Two Cow, Necropolis, Envelope, Black Swans, Tim Easton, Hugs & Kisses, El Jesus ... I could probably name 50 records.

But if I have to pick one, I'll go with The Lindsay's Dragged Out. For whatever reason, that CD (and I really wish it was on vinyl) just grabbed me right away on the first listen and I still play it a lot. -Kyle Siegrist, Lost Weekend Records

The Evil Queens, "First It Boils, Then It Spills"

Anger, when channeledproperly, can be a very positive emotion.When channeled through the Evil Queens and the vocals of Jacob Sundermeyer, it's core-shaking. From beginning to end, this record delivers hard rock with smart lyrics, brilliantly capturing the intense, sharp edges of the Evil Queens' live show. Nearly five years later, this one still makes me want to cast aside my dirty shot glass, drink my whiskey right out of a broken, bloody bottle, and conquer the world. -Heidi Wagner, ComFest entertainment committee

The Lab Rats, "Short Order" EP

Hipster-hop, thrift-store-hop - whatever you wanna call it, this record is musically and lyrically skillful. Find a copy and play it loud and play it proud. -Carl Zero, Roots Records

Ugly Stick, "Still Glistening"

Fifteen years separate Still Glistening and Ugly Stick's previous release Absinthe, but you could've fooled me.Thesefour guyshave been playing music together for twenty-some years,so they know what it's supposed tofeel like. Still Glisteningmight have been billed as a "reunion record" upon its release in 2008, but it picks up theUgly Stick story without missing a beat. Sounds like the '90s, and I miss the '90s. -Brad Swiniarski, Horny Records

Hugs & Kisses, "The Casualties of Happiness"

For anyone who never caught Hugs & Kisses up until close to the end, they'd pre-record these brief, often-hilarious sketches interspersed with sparse, semi-absurd doo-woppy electro tunes, dress up like superheroes or cartoon politicos or somethin' and lip-sync 'em.

THIS RECORD IS NECESSARY TO YER LIFE. If you're wondering whether to pop the question, slap this sucker on; if she hurls, it was never meant to be. Stuck in the Himalayas snacking on your friends with only a half-hour of battery life left on your iPod? Dial it in! Also great fun at parties! -Nick Schuld, Datapanik Records