Alive fashion columnist Brittany Kress shares what you shouldn't have worn in the past 10 years.

10. Super-pointy shoes

Why did this even become a trend? They make you look like an elf.

9. Bringing back shoulder pads

A "worst fashion trend" from one of the worst decades in fashion has no business trying to resurrect itself.

8. Vera Bradley

The worst thing about this head-to-toe preppy outfitter is that people always wear/carry six of her clashing, paisley-covered things at once.

7. Crocs

Crocs should only be worn while performing one task: working in a hospital while wearing scrubs.

6. Velour tracksuits

Head-to-toe velour makes even the classiest woman look trashy. Especially if "Juicy" is sparkling across the seat.

5. Coordinating clothes with your dog

A dog might be man's best friend, but it's not a person. Don't dress it in a Christian Audigier shirt.

4. Uggs

Uggs should only be worn while performing one of three tasks: walking the dog, shoveling snow or herding sheep in Australia.

3. Blinged-out or bedazzled clothing

Especially menswear. And especially in combination with skulls, crosses and/or angel wings. Ed Hardy, we're talking about you.

2. Sagging jeans

Hate to sound like an old person, but how do you walk with your crotch at your knees? Pull up your pants, kid!

1. Walking advertisements on shirts and purses

Sure, you want people to know you're wearing/carrying a status symbol. But that emblazoned store name or patterned logo just makes it hideous.