The crew from 97.1 The Fan tackles the week's biggest sports questions.

Scott Torgerson Mike Ricordati Milan Jordan Ted Holbrook Clair the Fan Girl What's your prediction for the Super Bowl? Colts, 31-17. The Saints were fake good. The better team in the NFC will be at home. Colts, 38-24. The Saints D lives off turnovers, but Manning is too smart for that. A high-scoring affair, with the Saints winning 38-31. Colts, 31-27. Peyton beats Drew in the battle of non-manly first names. Colts win. Peyton Manning is great at making adjustments during the game. What's the key to hosting a great Super Bowl party? Beer Plenty of food and separate televisions. The women only care about the commercials anyway. It's a special occasion, so bust out the good beer and lots of food. Make sure nobody is around to bother you - watch it alone. Food is the key to any party. And don't get fancy - just man food Should the Blue Jackets be buyers or sellers at the NHL trade deadline? Sellers. They are the fourth-worst team in the NHL and have the worst team in the AHL. Trade them all! Sellers. The season is over. Unless they go on a winning streak into the Olympic break, they should be sellers. Sell everything that isn't bolted down. This team stinks. Sell! Sell! Sell! Ohio State just celebrated the 50th anniversary of the 1960 basketball champions. Were they the greatest Buckeye team ever? Yes, because they won the championship. I can't evaluate teams I've never seen. Anyone under the age of 50 is not qualified to give an opinion. Since the 1960 team is the only one with a national title, they should be the standard for all other Buckeye teams to go by. That's what people tell me, since I wasn't born then. The 2007 team was the best in my lifetime. Anything from the '60s is the best anything ever.