"I drink America's beer - Natty Light. I started drinking it in high school because it was cheap and just kept on going."

Neighborhood: West Side

Hometown: Galloway

Years behind the bar: 9

What do you like about bartending?

It feels like there's something new every week - where you're like, "Wow, never seen that before and I thought I'd seen everything."

It's also exciting to meet new people, and we have a great regular base, which I also love. We've been here 25 years and we've had a lot of the same people here for 25 years. It's great.

What's the crowd like here at O'Malley's?

The crowd here is awesome. If it wasn't, I wouldn't have been here for nine years. I hung out here before I started working here, so I already had a big friend base.

They take care of us. You know, they don't want anybody to mess with their bartender. It's kind of comical, actually. I can't believe they're sticking up for me like that.

You've got a wall dedicated to O'Malley's billiards teams. Tell me about that.

Billiards is my thing - I love it. I started playing when I turned 21, going to bars and stuff.

Last year, O'Malley's put together a team that we thought could win the Ohio state championship. It's a hard thing to do - it's one of the biggest, toughest tournaments in the country. There were 230 teams, and we knocked it out.

Then two tables over, our women's team was playing in the finals. We had two O'Malley's teams playing for the state championship.

Our team this year is favored to win again, so we might have back-to-back champions. We've been making a name for O'Malley's in billiards. We've got five state titles in the past five years between our women's and men's teams.

Where do you go to get a drink?

Around here, really everywhere - Front Row, O'Toole's, Mugsy's and Sportsmen's. I don't really have one favorite. I like them all. Plus, a lot of our customers go to those places as well. I'll run into them and have some drinks with them.

What do you drink?

I drink America's beer - Natty Light. I started drinking it in high school because it was cheap and just kept on going. I've got so many customers that see me drinking Natty Light and say, "That's what I drink at home." Why not drink it here? Are you afraid to drink it in front of people? C'mon! [laughs]

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