Murder! Greed! Corruption! Adultery! Jazz!

Murder! Greed! Corruption! Adultery! Jazz!

Yep, the hit touring musical "Chicago" will be in Columbus this week, and it's bringing a lot of buzz with it.

"It has now pretty much become a global phenomenon, which is absolutely extraordinary," said Bonnie Langford, "Chicago's" very own Roxie Hart.

The musical's wildcat-vixen housewife, Hart murders her secret lover when he threatens to leave her. But using her wit and charm - and the help of smooth-talking attorney Billy Flynn - she manages to pull the wool over the eyes of the public and the media by transforming her heinous killing into a glamorized publicity stunt.

"She's quite naughty, and she's quite fun," Langford said about Hart. "But I also like the fact that she has this lovely journey. I think at first, for an audience particularly, she's hard to like!"

This long-running national tour of "Chicago," presented here by CAPA and Broadway Across America, is directed by Scott Faris and choreographed by Gary Chryst.

A 16-piece orchestra will accompany the actors on stage at the Palace, so get ready for an evening of glitz and glam.

"It never stops," Langford said. "There are no dull moments and you get swept along with the whole flavor of it - the enthusiasm, the sexiness and the heart ... which really is there."