Three local acts have album release shows slated for Saturday.

The Celebrity Pilots

"Hawks of the Lesser Antilles"

10 p.m. Saturday, June 5

Rumba Cafe, Campus

Guided By Voices associate Chris Sheehan's third LP is an hour-long concept record about ex-spies exiled to a remote island to reenact their greatest capers and stage a great escape. A cast of Columbus music mainstays including Jess Faller, Adam Dowell and Dan & Josh Gerken set the story to ornate, punchy art-pop that will sit well with fans of A.C. Newman, John Vanderslice and Brian Eno. It's a dense and elaborate work even by Sheehan's standards, one that reveals new pleasures with each listen.

Woosley Band

"See You In Chappaqua"

10 p.m. Saturday, June 5

The Treehouse, Grandview

The latest from Sean Woosley's band of barflies continues to deliver meat-and-potatoes Americana with a melodic touch borrowed from Bob Pollard. The title track is about as dark and experimental as these guys get, while most of the record plays like an overview of the Uncle Tupelo catalog, with hearty Jay Farrar numbers interspersed between Jeff Tweedy-style pop excursions. It's not flashy nor fresh, but it ought to please what remains of the "No Depression" set and this state's many Pabst-pounding Pollard disciples.



6 p.m. Saturday, June 5

Used Kids Records, Campus

With his debut full-length, Ohio State student Bassel Al-Madani has created a dorm-room fantasy, taking the angsty acoustic strums that echo across college greens nationwide and imbuing them with indie rock's more exotic trappings - a banjo here, a horn section there.

Unfortunately, soothing strings and sighing harmonica can't hide the hollowness at the core; the songwriting simply lacks anything to set it apart. Here's hoping Bassel's upcoming move to Chicago and the influence of a new environment help him elevate his artistry to a level on par with his admirable ambition.