The Yun Fitness Bootcamp program offers a free, two-week trial and uses the slogan "look better naked."

The Yun Fitness Bootcamp program offers a free, two-week trial and uses the slogan "look better naked."

Suffice it to say they've been getting some attention.

Jason Yun started Yun Fitness Bootcamps two years ago and operates out of spaces around the city (including outside, weather-permitting). Classes started recently in a space Downtown.

Yun's bootcamps are a little bit different than most. That's why people are interested in them, Yun said, and also why the free trial is necessary. It gives both Yun's staff and students the chance to see if the program is the right fit.

Sessions (three 30- to 40-minute workouts a week are recommended) are structured around interval training, meaning each is a mix of aerobic movements, conditioning and strength training. Participants substitute lunges or jogging in place if they need a break.

During a recent class, most members were able to keep up for the bicycling and "monkey jump" exercises (180-degree jump-spins), which lasted for short spurts, with brief breaks in between.

The main goal of almost all the participants is to lose weight. Members receive a nutrition booklet from a registered dietician Yun partners with, plus Yun's own "25 rules of fat loss."

The nutrition DVD suggests people eat five or six small meals a day and that they include lean protein; Yun suggests clients follow this info to get the results he promises.

The weight is over

Yun Bootcamps use all sorts of equipment to work all parts of the body. Here are some of Jason Yun's favorite moves:

Medicine ball

Try a "medball slam": Lift the ball with both hands from the ground to over your head, then throw it straight down at the ground. It's a good stress reliever, too.


Work your legs with "the swing" by getting into slightly crouched stance and swinging the kettlebell down and back, between your legs, with both hands. When it swings back to the front, pop your hips forward.


Stand with your legs spread shoulder-width apart over one end of the band, then hold the other end with your arms outstretched to do chest presses. Or, squat and do arm curls.