Short review of films now playing in theaters

" The A-Team"

Cheesy '80s show gets an action-packed remake. Plot: A colorful bunch of Special Forces soldiers were set up to take the fall for a crime they didn't commit.

"City Island"

A suburban family is thrown into chaos when they discover everyone's hiding secrets.

"Get Him to the Greek"

Russell Brand's Aldous Snow, last seen as a brash rocker in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," gets a movie all to himself, and it's hysterical.

3 stars

"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"

A moody murder-mystery, the Swedish-language adaptation is lucky to have Noomi Rapace in the "tough but damaged" lead role.

3.5 stars

"The Good, The Bad and the Weird"

This Korean Western was inspired by Sergio Leone (like you had to ask). We're predicting standoffs, shootouts and treasure hunts. It's showing at the Drexel.

"Harry Brown"

For better or worse, he's the only Michael Caine we've got, so you should make the best of this vigilante crime thriller, opening at the AMC Lennox.

"Jonah Hex"

Pretty boy Josh Brolin puts the best face on damnation as a gunslinger fighting a terrorist from Hell. Literally, the terrorist came from Hell. It's not a metaphor.

" The Karate Kid"

A remake of the beloved '80s flick starring Will Smith's kid as Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan as Pat Morita sounds ominous. Wax off!


Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher join forces for a secret spy rom-com. It's like "True Lies" gets punk'd by "Mr. & Mrs. Smith."


Go in with low expectations and you'll be mildly surprised by this SNL spinoff.

3 stars


Your favorite canine comic strip hits the big screen. Of course, we're waiting for the Dogme 95 version of "Cathy," a remodernist rumination on ennui and the single gal.

"Raising Arizona"

The Coen Brothers' quirky kidnapping caper gets the late-night treatment, Friday and Saturday at midnight (and Sunday afternoon) at the Gateway.

"The Secret in Their Eyes"

The Argentine-Spanish flick, a worthy Oscar nominee for best foreign-language flick, is both a pot-boiling crime thriller and a remarkable love story.

3.5 stars


The first wife of Benito Mussolini finally gets the biopic she deserves with this award-winning Italian import, unspooling at the Gateway.