How's life with Hootie?

How's life with Hootie?

He's really fun to be with. He snores and grunts because he's a pug, and it's really cute. They're obsessed with food, so he was really easy to train because it's like, whatever I give him a treat for doing, he'll just keep doing it.

Do you come to Wheeler Dog Park often?

We come here a lot, probably three times a week. He thinks he's big - he always goes for the German Shepherds. He's actually really fast, but he can only do it for one lap and then he gets tired.

What else does he like to do?

He chews on bones all day long. I buy him real bones from the pet store. He eats everything he sees. I call the OSU vet hospital probably once a month, like, "My dog got into the trash and ate this, is that OK?"

Why do you like coming here?

I love watching all the dogs play, and I like learning about the different breeds. I'll go talk to people, if it's a breed I haven't seen before. Plus, if I have something to do at night or a test to study for - an hour here, and he's asleep for the rest of the night.

Anything else?

I'm getting married soon, and he's going to be my ring bearer. He's going to wear a little puggy tux. It'll be really cute. Plus, I figure it can double as a "Men in Black" Halloween costume.

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