In the world of computer-animated features, there's Pixar and there's everybody else. "Despicable Me" sits at the very top of the "everybody else" pile.

In the world of computer-animated features, thereís Pixar and thereís everybody else. ďDespicable MeĒ sits at the very top of the ďeverybody elseĒ pile.

Itís the sort of grin-inducing kids movie that most anyone can enjoy, and a great first effort from new animation studio Illumination Entertainment.

Gru (voiced by Steve Carell under an accent) is a semi-retired supervillain who is lured back into the game after an up-and-coming villain named Vector (Jason Segel) swipes one of the pyramids in Egypt.

Gruís plot to best Vector eventually (and logically, I promise) involves his adoption of three painfully adorable orphan girls. Heartwarming hilarity ensues.

This isnít a movie. Itís a smile factory. Itís got a uniquely fun animation style and the slapstick humor of old Tex Avery cartoons. Laughs are plentiful, especially every time Gruís tiny yellow minions (who have been popping up in hilarious promos for months) are onscreen.

It also gives the heartstrings a gentle tug rather than just yanking on them as Gruís cold heart gets warmed by his new girls.

As is often the case this summer, thereís a 3D version offered as well. Itís worth the upgrade here, particularly for a brilliant 3D roller-coaster ride that makes you wonder why more movies havenít thought of this.

ďToy Story 3Ē is probably just a hair better, but your best bet is to just see íem both and decide.