Seasons change, and that's good news for a brewmaster worth his hops.

Seasons change, and that's good news for a brewmaster worth his hops.

Wait, it got cold? The leaves changed color? Everyone's exhausted from the heat? Awesome . Let's make a new beer.

Gordon Biersch did just that with a Kolsch-style ale for those who want to sip some suds on a patio. Then the Arena District brewpub went one step further, creating an entire menu of island favorites available through Aug. 1.

The Booze :

Gordon Biersch is known for crafting quality drafts in line with Germany's 500-year-old purity laws. That mission results in fine year-round offerings that range in taste from the Golden Export, a lightly hopped lager, to the Schwarzbier, which features heavy-duty coffee notes.

SommerBrau is a good addition to the mix: beer meant for hot, steamy outdoor drinking. Though refreshing, it's got a lot more kick than what you normally chug after mowing the lawn - i.e., you can actually remember what it tastes like after setting down your glass.

Seasonal half-liters at happy hour run $3.50, down from $5.50 other times. Flagship beers run $3 at happy hour, down from $4.75.

If you're not sure which to try, grab a six-beer tasting flight for $5.50.

The Food :

Around Central Ohio, a bar's trip to the islands usually means adding some limp cocktail shrimp to the menu. Gordon Biersch prefers a more made-from-scratch approach, and it shows in the Caribbean creations on the summer slate.

The brewpub's seasonal menu is a bit on the pricey side and doesn't get a happy-hour treatment. Still, it's a good way to sample a few summery things after work or before a ballgame.

There's the Key West Lobster & Shrimp Linguini ($20), Churrasco Steak & Coconut Shrimp ($21) and Shrimp & Lobster Spring Rolls ($10). No matter what you pick, you're likely to find plenty of seafood, sweet jerk seasoning and fresh fruit.

Not sure what to try? Order the Caribbean Combo ($18). You'll get three delicious jerk chicken sliders, five toasty coconut shrimp, spring rolls, a bed of greens and two tasty dipping sauces.