Alive staffers name their favorite non-fried parts of this year's festival.

Alive staffers name their favorite non-fried parts of this year's festival.

Staff Pick: This Guy

He's wacky, clad in uber-American threads and riding the biggest beach cruiser I've even seen. How could you not love that face? -Jesse Tigges

Staff Pick: OVMA Veterinary Education Center

On my way to the fabled butter cow, I like to stop by the OVMA Veterinary Education Center for some hands-on exposure to the source material. At the milking demo there, John Ross showed us why he's such a great reporter: He dives right into a story and grabs the cow by the teat. The exhibit also features a newborn calf. This cuddly guy was only seven days old when we visited, and he already weighed 110 pounds! His name is Stretch, but he's so soft and tender I call him Veal Chop. -Brian Lindamood

Staff Pick: Footsie Wootsie

The Footsie Wootsie foot massager promises to be a "barrel of fun," and if nothing else, it's funny. The plastic barrel shakes users from the waist down and leaves legs and feet feeling mildly anesthetized. -Heather Gross

Staff Pick: The LEGO Experience Tour

For kids, the fair ought to be about having fun. For adults, the fair ought to be about feeling like a kid again. For all of the above, LEGO has provided several tent-covered construction stations, so you can build to your heart's content. Awesome. -Chris DeVille

Staff Pick: Rabbit/Poultry Pavilion

We nicknamed the collection of heritage-breed poultry on display here the "crazy chickens." I think it's an apt moniker for these colorful and vocal feathered friends - some of whom weren't actually so friendly. Good thing I like an animal with some personality. -Shelley Mann

Staff Pick: Natural Resources Park

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has condensed our state's diverse outdoor offerings into an eight-acre section of the fairgrounds. Even if you don't like hiking, camping, kayaking or fishing, it's a great place for shade. -John Ross