Do you watch television during the day? Well if you do, man oh man, did you get a rare treat last week.

Do you watch television during the day? Well if you do, man oh man, did you get a rare treat last week.

The president made an appearance on the program "The View." If you're unfamiliar with it, it's a television show about the misadventures of the world's unluckiest couch.

No, it's actually a popular, Emmy award-winning chat show that allows the president to speak directly to a particular cross-section of the American people. So, as you can imagine, the press threw a s--- fit.

"It's telling that he goes to cry on the sympathetic shoulders of the women of 'The View,'" said Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin.

Others said it wasn't very presidential and lacked dignity. What more do you want - he waited until Star Jones left the show!

By the way, do you idiots have any short-term memory at all? Remember former President George W. Bush's appearance on "Dr. Phil"? Yeah, that was captivating television and dignified.

Why is "The View" somehow beneath the office of the presidency? Some pundits said he shouldn't go on certain shows, comparing it to an appearance on "Jerry Springer."

So just how undignified and Springeresque was Obama with the unworthy ladies of "The View"? They asked pertinent, and sometimes tough, questions about bipartisanship, race, health care, BP, Shirley Sherrod, the war in Afghanistan and the economy.

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry! I bet the whole thing was a setup so Michelle could tell Obama she's cheating on him with his best friend.

I guess our very serious media is upset that the president is ignoring his other very important duties.

"It's the 100-year anniversary of the Boy Scouts, but instead of honoring the future leaders of our country, President Obama sat down with the ladies of 'The View,'" said Fox & Friends' Gretchen Carlson.

Added Laura Ingraham on "The O'Reilly Factor": "How can 45,000 Boy Scouts compete with foie gras and Whoopi Goldberg?"

Okay, two things. First, nothing Obama does will ever make you happy, will it, Fox News? Let's say Obama had reversed his decision; that would have been a problem.

This president passes on an open forum to discuss issues important to women on national television in order to stand in a field rallying his adoring uniformed youth. I wonder who else would have made that choice ? Hitler, perhaps?

Second, look on the bright side - the Boy Scouts will finally get their merit badge for crushing disappointment.

By the way, are campfire singalongs or couch-side coffee klatch really the president's only two options? Isn't there a third, more productive option for the most powerful man in the world?

Apparently, dear God, there is. The president of the United States shot a YouTube video showing people how to use the government's new health care website. Doesn't anybody else work at the White House, dude?

Alright, tell me about your new website, Mr. President.

"It offers a few simple tools to help you take your health care into your own hands," Obama explained.

Wow, simple health care advice from the same machine I use to shop and masturbate!