Name: Keri Burgoon

Name: Keri Burgoon

Age: 32

Neighborhood: Merion Village

Hometown: Baltimore, Ohio

What are you looking for when you go out?

Something a little rock 'n' roll, alternative - the laid-back lifestyle. Nothing that's uptight.

I'm looking for something established. I don't like going to all the new, trendy spots.

So what's your favorite spot?

The High Beck. I love that it's in the neighborhood, and I come here so often that I just walk in and they hand me my drink without even asking. They just know what I want.

Everyone here is pretty cool, and I've gotten to know the owners. They're great. And Monday is free pizza night, which is right up my alley. That's how I started coming here.

What's your favorite pizza?

Chicken, bacon, ranch. I used to come in so often that we could call in before and the cook would have the pizza ready when we got here.

Where's the best spot for rock ' n' roll?

My second favorite place to go is Carabar. They always have live music, and everyone is always dressed totally awesome, crazy.

What bands do you listen to?

Grateful Dead, Jane's Addiction, Death Cab and all kinds of new stuff. I'm really into Mumford & Sons and Dirty Heads right now.

What other places do you like to get a drink?

I like to stay in German Village - Gresso's, Red Brick and Club 185.

The Red Brick is a good place to go in the winter because they have a fireplace. It's nice to have a drink by the fire when it's cold. They also have a nice patio for the summertime.

I like Club 185 because they have ice cream. They usually have it at High Beck, but I came once and they were out. So I went to 185, told them my sad, sad story and they pulled a Scooter Crunch from the freezer and gave it to me. [laughs]

What is it you love about German Village?

The neighborhood feel. It's really accepting, pretty chill. Everyone is, like, two people away from knowing everyone else. You'll run into your neighbor from down the street. Everyone out is from German Village - not too many people venture from far away to come here.

Have you ever done a German Village pub crawl?

It wasn't an organized event, but I've definitely crawled from pub to pub.

Where do you like to grab a bite to eat?

I like Thurman's, Easy Street Cafe, but if I'm treating myself I go to Columbus Brewing Company.

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