Having trouble sleeping?

Having trouble sleeping?

If a warm glass of milk isn't cutting it, there are gadgets that ostensibly can help. These devices are 100 percent natural and 100 percent digital.

Maybe one of them will help you find your way to a good night's sleep.

The Night W ave Sleep Assistant ($38 at amazon.com) projects a pulsating soft blue circle of light on your bedroom ceiling. Once you focus on the light and synchronize your breathing to the pulses, you should be dozing off in no time.

According to its manufacturer, this gadget "quiets the mind and relaxes the body." If you can focus your overactive mind on this visual cue, you'll be breathing deeply and lowering the stress hormone cortisol in your bloodstream, which supposedly is a direct path to a restful sleep.

If you're willing to wear a headband to sleep, the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach ($200 at amazon.com or myzeo.com) can monitor the quantity and quality of your sleep. This product helps you find the links between your daily activities and your best nights of sleep.

The Zeo stores as much as two weeks' worth of data on your sleep patterns. This gadget comes with an e-mail-based 7 Step Sleep Fitness Program that promises to tailor an action plan to help you sleep better.

Sleep apps

The most popular sleeping aid apps for the iPhone and iPad are Sleep Deeply and Sleep Deeply HD (each is $5 in the iTunes App Store). Both have 4+-star ratings.

These programs feature high-quality sound recordings that Yoga Magazine is quoted as saying will "entertain, relax, entrance and help get results rapidly." Sleep Deeply was created by one of England's leading hypnotherapists, Darren Marks. After it rids your mind of negative thought patterns, a track of non-verbal sounds will lull you off to sleep.

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