If your knowledge of Hanson ends at "MMMBop," you're about 13 years behind the times.

If your knowledge of Hanson ends at "MMMBop," you're about 13 years behind the times.

Forget the long hair and ladylike voices of old. The three brothers now have manly coifs - not to mention wives and children. And they produce catchy, piano-driven pop that continues to evolve as they grow older.

"The sound is not different as much as the three people playing it are at different points in their lives," lead singer Taylor Hanson explained. "The things that come through, what the songs are about, those evolved. We've always been a pop rock band with a little soul-y something in there."

Instead of trying to put the songs of their adolescence behind them, the band has embraced the opportunities created by their early success.

"There's groups of fans that we've seen rediscover or go in and out of phases of following what the band is," Taylor Hanson said. "We touched people so young that you have this second or third lease on life as a band because you had a connection with people at a time when most people wouldn't have been actively listening to music. We've been able to develop and cultivate an evolving relationship as people have grown up."

The songs on "Shout it Out," released in June, were written during three years of touring on the previous album. Taylor Hanson said the sound - less pop rock, more groove and backbeat - was influenced by the brothers listening to old blues albums and frequently jamming together.

"A lot of the sounds are definitely driven by the way we play together more than other records," he said. "There's a certain unsaid chemistry or thing that you can feel just from the way we play off of each other. "

For many fans of the band back in the day, the recent viral music video for "Talking 'Bout Something" was their post-"Middle of Nowhere" reintroduction to Hanson.

The video embodies the band's reverence for the blues by re-creating a scene from "Blues Brothers." The brothers' longtime friend, Weird Al, guest-stars in the video, which casts Taylor Hanson as Ray Charles in a remake of the famous dance scene.

Hanson has been doing more than creating sticks-in-your-head music and cute videos, though.

After visiting Africa in 2006, the band began hosting Take the Walk events - one-mile barefoot walks before each of their concerts to raise awareness about poverty and AIDS on the continent.

"It allows you to connect with extreme poverty and go through this process where you step out of your comfort zone and step into someone else's lack of shoes," Taylor Hanson said.

And you know those TOMS shoes everyone's wearing now? Hanson's partnership with the company early in its development helped the business sell 50,000 shoes in its early years. So the band that brought us the tunes of our youth now is semi-responsible for our footwear. Isn't it weird?