Owner: Maria Woike

Owner: Maria Woike

Age: 28

Neighborhood: Brewery District

Pet: Booker Dean

Age: 2

Breed: Australian shepherd/Pekinese mix

What are some of Booker Dean's favorite rewards?

He loves going to Posh Pets. They have great Buckeye jerseys there, and all sorts of other clothes. He loves their fresh-baked treats. He also likes hiking and canoeing. We go to Hocking Hills.

He wears clothes?

One of his favorite pieces is a Germany soccer coat from a pet boutique in New York. We used to go watch soccer games.

Is he athletic?

We both have Type A personalities. We went on a 12-mile walk a few days ago. This little thing has so much energy. We walked to Campus and back, and I think he was ready to go again.

What else have you noticed about his personality?

He hides treats everywhere. I don't know where he gets the self-control to save them. I will find treats I've given him all over the place. I was meeting with a client once, and I pulled out my notebook and a treat fell out.

He's also a little timid sometimes, especially around men. He's a rescue, so I assume something happened to him as a puppy.

What ' s the story behind Booker Dean' s name?

It was between Booker Dean and Louis Vuitton. The last one got scratched. I wanted something that started with a "B," and I got out baby books. And "Dean" came from a friend whose nickname was Dean.