"I look for a good craft beer selection and cheap prices. That's my number one criteria."

Name: Cheryl Harrison

Neighborhood: Grandview

Hometown: Martins Ferry

Age: 21

What do you want when you go out?

I look for a good craft beer selection and cheap prices. That's my number one criteria.

And Woodland s Tavern has a good craft beer selection ?

Yes, this place delivers. They've got 16 drafts with Columbus Brewing Company, Great Lakes, Stone, Lagunitas, Left Hand and Bell's.

What are your favorite beers?

Bell's Two-Hearted is probably my top beer. Usually I stick with the IPAs, but if it's nice out Woodlands has Crispin cider on tap, which is a really good patio beer. It's light and fluffy. I don't know if fluffy is a good adjective for a beer. [laughs]

Besides the beer selection, what else do you like about Woodland s ?

The atmosphere is great, and it's rarely crowded. There are usually no more than 10 people here before the bands start playing, and we all know each other. The bartenders are awesome - you come here twice, they all know your name.

The best part is they have $2 beers until 8 o'clock. And happy hour lasts until 10 p.m. on Mondays, which is ridiculous. There are some Mondays I don't remember.

They just added Late Night Slice. I tried the garlic mushroom pizza and it was amazing. Right now it's just pizza, but I think they're going to add wings and hummus and some other stuff when they get used to the new space.

What other places do you frequent?

Mickey's is my karaoke spot. It's the complete opposite of Woodlands Tavern because it's packed with everyone from college students and bachelorette parties to people who are 70 looking to bust it out on the karaoke. They have a horrible beer selection, but it's a fantastic place.

What ' s your go- to karaoke song?

Ben Folds' "Rockin' the Suburbs" because I get to yell the F-word a lot. I took my mom to Mickey's once and I sang that song. She was mortified. I started apologizing to her in the middle of the song.

Then I followed it up with Ida Maria's "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked," and she just buried her head. My poor mother.