Just consider Rock & Royalty the "Marie Antoinette" of fashion design.

Just consider Rock & Royalty the "Marie Antoinette" of fashion design.

Similar to how Sofia Coppola used a dreamy modern rock soundtrack for her period-piece movie, Annie Weihrauch infuses her line of rocker-chic graphic tees and embellished apparel with a regal aesthetic.

Weihrauch, a 31-year-old Hilliard resident, got her start designing packaging for Bath & Body Works and now works as an accessory designer for a manufacturer. She launched her own line in 2008, originally under the name Modern Material.

These days, she spends her free time handcrafting the jewelry pieces and designing the tees that she sells in her online shop at shoprockandroyalty.com.

Local company American Canvas screen-prints Weihrauch's designs onto blank American Apparel T-shirts, and Weihrauch often adds her own touch by sewing on lace, appliques or rhinestones.

And the Rock & Royalty pieces are limited editions - she creates just two or three of each design. Her creations have appealed to young, trendy women, Weihrauch said.

"It's everyone from college students to young professionals," she said. She was surprised by the number of men who bought her graphic tees and ended up expanding her men's accessories offerings to compensate. New items for fall include men's tie designs and unisex hats.

The Rock & Royalty customer base stretches far and wide - all the way to Europe and Australia - thanks to social networking efforts and being featured on indie design blogs.

Locally, customers can check out the designs in person each year at the Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival, and Weihrauch hopes to eventually open a boutique in the Short North.

"I've found my sales improve when I'm more active online," Weihrauch said. "But I see this staying an independent line, keeping it small."