Seven years is a long time to roam, but that's how a gypsy rolls.

Seven years is a long time to roam, but that's how a gypsy rolls.

New City Gypsy has been kicking around Columbus stages that long, though not under that name. First they were Nanashi, then The Marble Faun. They later ditched The Language Our Fathers Forgot because it seemed too dense and heady.

"It kind of offended my dad, too," bassist Andrew Mooney deadpanned.

But if they had trouble settling on a name, focusing their sound has been an even greater struggle for childhood friends who have been spinning out in myriad musical directions from the start.

A nearly two-year stint at Central City Recording helped funnel New City Gypsy's wandering muse into a coherent document. Though touchpoints range from jangly college rock like The Cure and Camper Van Beethoven to aggressive post-punk acts like Murder City Devils and Mission of Burma, long-awaited debut "The Night Never Sleeps" sounds cohesive.

"The biggest faux pas, writing in the studio, was actually something that we used to great success in certain situations," said Central City's Max Lewis, who got so invested in recording "The Night Never Sleeps" that he joined the band. "Probably the best and worst thing about recording the record was it was a living, breathing thing that was changing."

Big guitars and bigger ideas became the unifying factors. Each track is built on snaky, enlivened fretwork and frontman Austin Bain's boldfaced rants, laced with references to ancient mysticism and calls to action.

"I expect a little more out of humankind than what is being brought to the table," Bain said.

Lewis had expectations that New City Gypsy would corral those riffs and concepts into something finite. At long last, they'll unveil the product Saturday at Skully's with help from Phantods and Shin Tower Music.

"Even though it took a long time," Lewis said, "that was the only way it could have been done."

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