Let's get something straight: Ravari Room isn't a hipster bar. It's just hipster friendly.

Let's get something straight: Ravari Room isn't a hipster bar. It's just hipster friendly.

So even if you don't fit in with the tattooed crowd at Bodega - or if you're a hipster and therefore think anything described as "hipster" is beneath you - you shouldn't rule out Ravari Room, the low-key rock 'n' roll bar connected to Hounddog's Pizza.

Sure, there are tattoos, piercings and men in skinny jeans to be seen. But the Patsy Cline on the jukebox, football game on the flat-screen TVs and middle-aged men sipping whiskey prove this place isn't the least bit pretentious.

Ravari's brick walls, old-school arched doorways and lack of natural light remind me of underground eateries in Paris' hipper neighborhoods - comfy and fairly intimate. High-backed wooden booths lend an air of privacy as backlit orange windows cast an eerie light on patrons.

Pumpkin-like tin lamps custom-made by a sculptor hang above the double-sided bar, and the counter encircles helpful but not overly chatty bartenders.

On one side of the bar is a decent-sized stage for live music on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and Excesss Karaoke's weekly parties on Tuesdays.

Ravari doesn't always post its music schedule online, so unless you're in the know, the music may well be a surprise. You might show up to find a local rock band, a touring metal act or even a jazz trio.

Good music helps, but there are two things that push a bar from the "decent" category to the "awesome" one: food and happy hour. Ravari's got both down pat.

One of Ravari's biggest assets is being connected to Hounddog's. The Hounddog menu is available in the bar, so you can enjoy the buttery, garlicky goodness of a Smokin' Joe's pizza while waiting for the night's mystery band to start.

The bar also has one of the best happy hours in town. Until 9 p.m., domestic drafts are only a buck and well drinks are $1.50.

Whether you head there for happy hour or for the Clampdown, a raucous monthly rock dance party, you'll enjoy slaking your thirst at Ravari Room.