Why you should go:

Why you should go:

Dosas! Naan! Mehndi! Saris for sale! A real-deal Indian idol! You’ll experience all that and more at the India Festival, an annual celebration of the country’s vibrant and rich culture.

Along with plenty of authentic cuisine for the sampling, there’ll be lots of musical and cultural performances plus a marketplace and bazaar with clothing and jewelry.

What to eat & drink:

Some of the best local Indian eateries — Dosa Corner (pictured), Bayleaf India Bistro, and Maanas, just to name a few — will serve full menus of authentic dishes from northern and southern India.


The day is filled with performances. Expect live music from groups and soloists, as well as traditional and Bollywood-style dance routines.

Don’t miss:

Beloved Indian singer Arnab Chakraborty, recent winner of “K for Kishore”— an Indian take on “American Idol” — will take the stage at 7 p.m.